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Polkas De-Polkafied

  • The Angry White Boy Polka from Poodle Hat has been DE-POLKAFIED! 7.7Meg MP3

    From the Disney Special: "Weird Al Yankovic: (There's No) Going Home"

    • Al wishes to express his gratitude. .Wav
    • Al talks about what it's like to be a celebrity .Wav
    • His parents talk about how bright their son was .Wav
    • The curse he lives with .Wav
    • The early musical influences. .Wav
    • Florence Henderson talks about her relationship with Al. .Wav
    • Listen to Al's Grandfather, Blind Lemon Yankovic, tell the story about teaching his grandson the blues. .Wav
    • Al and the Disney channel finally reaches his home and greet his Mom. .Wav

      Al's adventures in Canada and Alaska in 1995

      • Little known history about Juneau. .Wav
      • Al gets ready to make a run for the border. .Wav
      • Al learns how to speak to the locals. .Wav
      • Learing the rules of the tour bus. .Wav
      • Some insightful thoughts about Sudbury's Big Nickel .Wav
      • Who's weirder? Al or the people of Quebec? .Wav
      • Hear what the fans have to say about Al in concert. .Wav
      • Why you should get tickets to the "Weird Al" concert. .Wav

      Other clips

      • Al asks "Who is the real Al?" .Wav
      • Listen to how Al uses the accordion for good instead of evil. .Wav
      • The plot of Al's movie, UHF, is exposed. .Wav
      • Al reveals the secrets to a good concert. .Wav
      • Getting a record deal wasn't easy for Al. .Wav
      • Al laughing uncontrollably. .Wav
      • The theme to AlTv .Wav
      • Al talks about his goal in life. .Wav
      • He performed a catchy little tune for Square One Telelvision called Patterns .Wav (2.1M)
      • Why not take a listen to some of Al's favorite Christmas Memories .Wav
      • Al helps John Walsh find Eek! the cat's friend, Sharky .wav
      • Dick Clark once said Al's style can only be described as "The Al sound". Hear how Al describes it. .Wav 127K
      • 5 short clips about George Michael from Al's 1988 Al-Tv special. .wav 1.2Meg.

      • Among Al's many adventures, he has occasionally done a radio promo here and there. Luckily, I digitized two of them and you can download these as well. There's the

        • Kidstar 1250 from Seattle, WA.Wav
        • RealRadio 104.1, Orlando, FL .Wav

      • Al once did a parody of Numb by U2 where he recited Green Eggs and Ham. It was never released on an album, but you can get your copy provided you have ~810K to spare. .Wav

      • The band and Al seranade Joe Franklin on The Joe Franklin show.Wav ~1.2 Meg
      • In his song Nature Trail to Hell, there's a section which there is obviously a backwards message. Take a listen for yourself. .Wav

      DISCLAIMER: To everyone who has asked me to put things like "Still Billy Joel to Me" and other rarities, I'm sorry to say you will not find them here. Some time ago, I and members of the Midnight Star, asked Al about putting his rarities on the Internet. He strongly wished that they not be distributed in any way, and I will forever honor that wish. I will also NOT link to any web page offering such unauthorized material. However, since then, the Demento Society has released several CDs containing Al rarities with his permission. Joining the society is how you, John Q. Public, may obtain some of the rarities.

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