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Saga Begins
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released: December 1, 1999

price: $41.49(list price)publisher: Avex Trax Japan
A greatest hits album that was only released in Japan. All tracks are in English

1.The Saga Begins
2.Eat It
3.I Love Rocky Road
4.Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
5.Smells Like Nirvana
6.Cavity Search
7.Jerry Springer
8.Theme from Rocky XIII (The Rye or the Kaiser)
10.Bedrock Anthem
11.Phony Calls
12.Like a Surgeon
13.Grapefruit Diet
15.Living With a Hernia
16.Amish Paradise
17.It's All About the Pentiums
18.Polka Power!

Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
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released: November 22, 1999

price: $12.98(list price)publisher: Bmg Int'l
This CD single was only released in Australia. The song is from the Running With Scissors album.

1.Pretty Fly For a Rabbi
2.Amish Paradise

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released: May 14, 1996

price: $6.49(list price)$29.99 (new non-Amazon), $9.97 (used)
publisher: Scotti Bros.
This isn't any regular CD single. Besides the lead track it contains the theme to the film Spy Hard in three different versions as well as other gems.

2.Spy Hard
3.Since You've Been Gone
4.Since You've Been Gone (Karaoke Version)
5.Callin' in Sick (Instrumental)
6.Spy Hard (Instrumental)
7.Spy Hard (Orchestral Mix)

Amish Paradise
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released: March 12, 1996

price: $6.49(list price)$55.48 (new non-Amazon), $3.25 (used)
publisher: Scotti Bros.
The lead single from the Bad Hair Day album, this includes the extra gory version of The Night Santa Went Crazy.

1.Amish Paradise
2.Everything You Know Is Wrong
3.The Night Santa Went Crazy (Extra Gory Version)
4.Dare To Be Stupid (Instrumental)

Headline News
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released: September 26, 1994

price: $6.49(list price)$150.00 (new non-Amazon), $9.99 (used)
publisher: Scotti Bros.
This is from both the box set Permanent Record and the Greatest Hits Volume 2. Also contains an alternate mix of Christmas At Ground Zero.

1.Headline News
2.Christmas at Ground Zero [Alternate Mix]

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